2 Retreat Locations!

North GA Mountains: 

July 24-26, 2015

Hollywood Beach, FL: 

July 31-August 2, 2015

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Coach Shantel Smith, the founder of Launch Your Vision and the Meditation Institution, presents Happy Soul Retreat!

Coach Shantel has decided that as long as she has breath moving through her body, she will breathe out happiness into the Universe. She has accepted the calling to be a servant in increasing happiness in humanity. She knows all too well what it feels like to be unhappy and not on-purpose. It’s when she found the hidden treasures within her soul that unleashed the happy soul.

Happy Soul Retreat was created with the intention and vision to reignite, inspire, and heal the soul. Joy and happiness live within all of us but are sometimes dimmed and simply need a boost, a recharge, so that we can shine again!

Come shine your light again…come out of the darkness. Your soul is waiting for you! Come reignite your happiness, your joy, and your spirit at Happy Soul Retreat.
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Your Happy Soul Retreat Facilitators:

Your retreat facilitators were selected with your soul in mind! You will be taken through revolutionary processes where you will learn how to implement practices and techniques that will literally rewrite your subconscious mind and remove blockages that have been keeping you from creating the life you desire. You deserve to be happy…soulfully happy!

Coach Shantel Smith

Coach Shantel Smith is also known as the fierce “live your life on your own terms” mommy entrepreneur. She is a thought leader, self-discovery coach, and founder of Launch Your Vision (featuring Michael Bernard Beckwith) and the Meditation Institution. Coach Shantel uses universal spiritual principles to inspire, motivate, and transform lives all across the globe. She is a former schoolteacher-turned-successful mommy entrepreneur that holds an MBA and is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in psychology.

She has her own personal story of triumph to destiny. Divorced single mom of three beautiful souls and caretaker of her own mom, she went from a depressed, overweight schoolteacher to living a ridiculously happy and healthy life. She struggled for many years with her weight and low self-esteem, and it wasn’t until she overhauled her mind and thought life that every single area of her life transformed right before her eyes. She says, “You have to go there in the mind and spirit before it ever shows up in your body, relationships, and finances.” Six dress sizes smaller and running two very successful businesses, she has made it her mission to teach others how to create the lives of their dreams by teaching LOA (Law of Attraction) principles. She teaches her clients how to create balance in their lives and how to use their hardships and letdowns as catalysts to live their divinely God-given lives.

She is a student of metaphysics and has demonstrated, and teaches, how to attract everything you want and desire into your life: love, health, and prosperity. She is a lover of people and has dedicated her life to helping others reconnect and reunite with their soul purpose.

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Fonda Clayton Smith Fonda Clayton Smith is a best-selling author of Stop Giving Your Power Away and creator of The Juicy Life©. As a Visionary Partner, Fonda believes personal freedom and vision are essential to creating a life and legacy that light you up.

She has helped thousands of her clients have breakthroughs around unprocessed emotions and tell the truth about themselves and their life visions.She teaches women how to be in their bodies authentically and possess their true personal power. Often, women feel they have to compromise, and she believes you can have both: a fulfilling personal and professional life. She says, “When we tell our truth, we are power-filled and unstoppable.” She incorporates embodiment coaching modalities with reframing to assist her clients to be in alignment with their happiness so that they can live fulfilled lives.

Her mission is to help women and entrepreneurs rebuild solid foundational practices in their lives and businesses so that play can be incorporated (a lot and often). Life is supposed to be FUN! When this happens, they are freed up to make a big difference, increase their income, and help change the world. As a catalyst, her goal is to help women live with confidence and ease. This usually means unlearning behaviors that no longer serve them.

Master William Master William Thomas is a powerful healer and soul communicator with extraordinary gifts and abilities.

Throughout his spiritual journey, Master William met many high-level teachers and gained priceless wisdom from each one. In 2008, Master William had the great fortune to meet Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, who openly shared ancient spiritual wisdom and secrets normally reserved for chosen disciples.

With a compassionate heart and a deep desire to serve humanity, he is honored to be a worldwide representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Master William offers teachings to help heal and transform every aspect of life and enlighten your soul.

Tao Healing and Tao Transformation:

You Have the Power to Heal Yourself and Others

You Have the Power to Transform Any Aspect of Your Life

You Have the Power to Transform Humanity, Mother Earth, and All Universes

Soul is spirit. Soul is message. Everyone and everything has a soul. Soul is the essence of a being. Soul is the true leader, the boss. Soul is a golden light being. Soul has great power and abilities. Soul can heal. Soul can rejuvenate. Soul can transform relationships. Soul can transform finances. Soul can transform any aspect of life. Millions have received great healing from the power of soul. Millions have received great transformation of their lives from the power of soul. Explore this area to learn and experience more. You too can receive great healing and transformation from soul over matter.

All packages are all-inclusive!

All meals, room accommodations, and workshops included.
Mountain retreat rooms are based on double occupancy; roommates will be assigned. Single rooms are available for additional cost. 

Your Mountain Destination:


A relaxing and rejuvenating return to nature awaits you each time you visit The Lodge at Amicalola Falls. Just a 90-minute drive from downtown Atlanta, the lodge is located on the top of the mountain in Amicalola Falls State Park, in the heart of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The Lodge is perfect for visitors in search of pure relaxation or a home away from home while they explore the region’s beauty and recreational offering. It’s the ideal location to enjoy the traditional charm of a classic mountain lodge while being pampered with a full range of modern conveniences.

Guests at the Amicalola Falls Lodge are inspired and refreshed when they stay at the lodge, which is just steps away from the 720 foot tall Amicalola Falls, the highest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi. Plus, the Appalachian Trail Approach Trail, which passes just a few hundred yards from the Lodge, leads from the property to Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. The lodge’s prized location makes it a favorite for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking to discover the striking beauty of the north Georgia mountains in all its 4 glorious seasons.

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